Welcome to the Science Room!


At Science Room, we believe that every student across the world should have access to scientists. We encourage students of all ages to engage with scientists to better understand their contributions to society and learn more about their journey. Similarly, we encourage scientists to share their work and experience with students to inform them about the importance of scientific research in improving the world around us. Such symbiotic interactions will inspire young people to pursue a career in sciences and help garner more support from society for investments in science and technology.


Santosh Paidi, Ph.D.

TD Principal Scientist at Genentech
Postdoc at the University of California, Berkeley
Ph.D. in MechE at Johns Hopkins University

Parul Maheshwari, Ph.D.

Machine Learning Engineer at Wurl and Meta
Data Scientist II at TripAdvisor
Ph.D. in Physics at the Pennsylvania State University

Scientist's Office Hour

Join us for biweekly office hours!

The office hours are intended to provide a forum for interaction between scientists and students in an informal and conversational setting. Anyone with a passion for science (broadly defined) is welcome to join! You will be able to discuss recent scientific advancements, learn more about the research activities of scientists on the call, and ask questions related to careers in science and the journey of our scientists.

We strongly encourage underrepresented minorities to participate and bring diverse perspectives to the table. By fostering an inclusive environment, we can break down barriers and create opportunities for all individuals to contribute to and benefit from these chats.

Spread the word among your friends and family and tune in to the next office hour!

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Email: info[at]scienceroom.org